Jeez. D:

Did nearly EVERY man back in the 40s through 60s look alike to everyone else, too?
Or is it just me?

I was looking at this picture of Dr Mengele, and, man! D:
It's not that they were all ugleh back in the day...just...similar...
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Haha, oh God.

So, I haven't read Peggy's [ of the Candy Spooky Theater ] diary in a looong time. Apparently he's been writing in English for a while. XD

In his latest entry he says his anus hurts and he keeps taking off his clothes.
Ahahaha~~ Oh, Peggy. What will we do with you?

ANYWHO.  Yesterday I went to Kate's party, had fun, bleached my hair some more, hung out on top of her RV while waiting for the sun to rise, went inside to watch Nickelodeon with most of our friends before the sun actually rose, tormented Hallie, seduced a cat. . .It was overall an awesome time. Although, I REALLY need to work on climbing out of/into windows. My hands hurt. ((>A<))
. . .
Or maybe Kate's parents shouldn't have a beepy thingy on the front door. DX


Wow. Now I know why I don't usually get on the computer after 23:00 even if I get the chance.
My mad spelling skillz go straight to hell.

Anywho. I was just browsing - oh the horror D: - when I came across a fic whose description was all "Blah blah blah. . .gay pairing. . .blah blah blah. . .no slash* maybe."


Obviously, I was very angry at the author for confusing me so and came straight to LJ to bitch about it in yet another pointless journal entry. Also, I didn't read it.

*slash pairings are pairings of the homosexual persuasion, I believe it pertains mostly (entirely?) to males. Also known as yaoi and gay. Which is weird, when you realise that gay used to mean 'happy.' Maybe it's not weird to anyone but me, though. Huh.
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Dear Diary

Today I feel kind of a mix of different things - not to worry, though, I won't bore you with details or anything. lolol.

I've been thinking, and I really wish I had a different name. Something. . .European-y, perhaps. Doesn't matter anyway, though, I'm going to have to change my name if I get a sex-change. 8D
Wouldn't that be cool?
I still wouldn't know what to call myself, though. . .hrm. . .

Right now I'm using the alias of 'Ciel.'
Well. . .

  • It's French. And everybody loves French. Except people who aren't French. Or me.
  • It's easier [and more fun] to write in Japanese. This is important. Somehow.
  • My initials are 'C(R)L'. So it's like my initials, but also a name/word.
  • I'm a loser. Lolz.

So, yes, Ciel.
I quite like that. . .

As for my man-name, though. . .

Actually, I've changed my mind. Maybe staying a girl is cool, too.


Actually, fuck that. I want to be [ the first? ] female-to-male transvestite.
If that made sense. :]


Actually, I don't care.



Writing notes on Facebook  is fun and all, but still...LJ is just better for writing actual journal-y, diary-ish entries, you know? [ Not that I'm going to do one today. 8-D ]

Anyway, I went to the Legends yesterday with some friends. It was really fun. We went to Hot Topic,  Nebraska Furniture Mart [lolz], McDonald's [for lunch], Game Stop, Books a Million, and ALMOST went bowling. The wait was too fucking long, though. There were, like, 25 people who showed up for the Naka-Kon reunion-y thing and it was really fun to walk around in a big group like that, going into stores and places~
Also, Wolfie brought onigiri, which was yummy.

It was too hot outside, though. . .I was dying of thirst half the time.

At BaM I bought volume 9 of Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge - which I finished reading last night, of course - and went on an unsuccessful hunt for JTHM comics at Hot Topic. [ I have the director's cut, but I just think it would be cool to have the individual comics, too. ] See, I figured that since they have them at the HT in the Great Plains Mall [ which is the one I go to normally ] they would have them there, too. But alas, I did not see them. Saw a really neat Hello Kitty digital camera, though. Next time I have enough cash, I'm so getting it.

I don't have a camera and I LOVE Hello Kitty, makes sense, right? Yeah. It does. A whole bunch.
I still have like twelve or thirteen bucks left, and considering I came with 25, I guess that's not too bad.

All in all, I had a blast and hope to do it again sometime. I love hanging out with my friends all day. :3
Even though Natasha, Phil, Kate, Dayna, etc. couldn't make it. >>;;
I still had Sarah, Irene, Wolfie, Gavin, Jes, and the other bajillion people there from N-K. <3